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Myste's Ramblings

Not much to say about me really.. I'm Welsh, 38 years old, a secondary school teacher (specialising in Maths and Physics, with a lot of experience working with children with behavioural difficulties), and I live in London with my wonderful husband and adorable (but insane) cat. I'm also a student with the OU, studying for BSc(Hons) Psychology, with a long term goal of following it up with a Doctorate to become an Educational Psychologist.

I suffer from a condition called fibromyalgia, which can be quite debilitating at times. However, I like most things in life and strongly believe in living for the moment! I try to take opportunities as they arrive.. and then see where they take me!

My specific interests can change from week to week, and I have consequently tried many things, and am always open to new ideas and new experiences. Some things, however, remain a constant part of my life - and these are the things I've have tried to list in my interests! :)

These days I use LiveJournal mainly for the communities. I do keep a blog at http://allaboutelvie.wordpress.com/ for those interested (not that I update it as often as I should!) :)